9th and Colorado

  • Union Station and its new Train Shed (D. Saitta)

    Taking Stock of Denver Placemaking

    Denver is earning a reputation as a city to watch for 21st century placemaking. Its Lower Downtown (LoDo) historic district—a mixed-use area now 25 years in the making—is a revitalization success story. The city is making major investments in transit-oriented […]

  • Demolition Denver: What Matters in Urban Renewal?

    Demolition Denver: What Matters in Urban Renewal?

    The demolition in question is the campus of the former University of Colorado Health Sciences Center at 9th Avenue and Colorado Boulevard in Denver. We’ve been chronicling this development, and the struggle between developers and citizens over what it should […]

  • Catching Up With 9th and Colorado

    Catching Up With 9th and Colorado

    It has been a while since we wrote about this interesting, controversy-filled, and ongoing saga of Denver infill development.   Previous posts are archived here.  Some interesting things have transpired since last writing back in December 2012. King Soopers pulled out […]

  • Reconfiguring 9th and Colorado

    Reconfiguring 9th and Colorado

    With the ending of the Walmart War at 9th and Colorado the main players are back at the drawing board.  Mayor Hancock, developer Jeff Fuqua, City Councilwoman Jeanne Robb and others have their say in this press release from the […]

  • Development Possibilities for 9th and Colorado (Westword)

    Housing the Homeless at 9th and Colorado?

    While doing a Patricia Calhoun check this morning I came across her post-mortem on the Walmart War at 9th and Colorado entitled “With Walmart Out of the Way, What Should Fill the CU Healthcare District?”  Patricia has some tongue-in-cheek suggestions, including one […]

  • Who Won the Walmart War at 9th and Colorado?

    Who Won the Walmart War at 9th and Colorado?

    As reported in The Denver Post and the The Denver Business Journal, Walmart has pulled out of the development at 9th and Colorado.  Neighbors have declared victory, as captured in this statement from the Anti-Walmarteers at Do It Right at 9th: […]

  • Mayor Hancock Addressing the Community Assembly (D. Saitta)

    Denver’s Mayor and His Cabinet Come to Community

    Last Saturday Denver Mayor Michael Hancock held his third and final 2012 Cabinet in the Community event at the Montclair Recreation Center in East Denver.  It featured presentations about the 2013 city budget by Chief Financial Officer Cary Kennedy, an update […]

  • Did Susman and Robb Capitulate to The Mob?

    Did Susman and Robb Capitulate to The Mob?

    Or, Did They Buy Time for Better Design?  Denver City Council President Mary Beth Susman and Council member Jeanne Robb recently issued a joint press release saying they won’t vote for public financing for the Fuqua development proposed for 9th and Colorado.  […]

  • The Redshirt Manifesto

    The Redshirt Manifesto

    For 15 months I’ve been following the debate about the 9th and Colorado development in Denver as a neutral observer. I’m interested in the process of urban development, and in the substance of the resulting design plans.  I’m persuaded by […]

  • Walmart’s Crimes Against Humanity

    Walmart’s Crimes Against Humanity

    I’m not certain that Walmart has committed any, but that’s the impression conveyed by two headlines in the online Atlantic Cities last week.  Walmart and the Climate of Hatred discusses an academic paper establishing an association between Walmart store locations […]

  • Nyla Pollard Painting (Hyoung Chang, The Denver Post)

    Remedying Blight, in Black and White

    There was a nice story in last Sunday’s Denver Post about how community members in my neighborhood of Park Hill banded together to install a basketball court and paint a building on the site of shopping center that was burned […]

  • Appropriating Jane Jacobs, or What Would Jane Think?

    Appropriating Jane Jacobs, or What Would Jane Think?

    The debate about development at 9th and Colorado in Denver that we’re following on this blog has, by all accounts, generated a considerable volume of email to Denver City Councilors.  The website Stop Walmart on Colorado Boulevard recently published one […]