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  • Ritual Bathing in the Ganges River, India

    Watering the Cosmopolis

    I use the concept of cosmopolis in Leonie Sandercock’s sense, referring to a city that’s developed in ways sensitive to cultural diversity and its wider societal benefits (e.g., enhanced vitality and creativity). In a recent post I noted that the sessions […]

  • Alaka Wali

    Art, Public Space, and a “Just Aesthetic”

    My title, and especially the concept of a “Just Aesthetic”, is attributable to Alaka Wali,  Curator of North American Anthropology and Director of Applied Cultural Research in the Environment, Culture and Conservation Division at Chicago’s Field Museum.  Yesterday Dr. Wali spoke at the […]

  • Bologna's Urban Heart and Soul: Piazza Maggiore (D. Saitta)

    Bologna Bound: “Contours of The City” Conference

    In three weeks time I’ll be headed to Bologna, Italy to participate in an international conference on the City sponsored by the University of Bologna’s Laboratorio di Ricerca sulle Città (Laboratory for Research on the City).  The laboratory was co-founded […]