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  • Leveraging Walmart… for Better Urban Design

    Leveraging Walmart… for Better Urban Design

    Last Sunday veteran city-watcher and freelance Denver Post columnist Susan Barnes-Gelt weighed in on what she (and I) have called the “brouhaha” at 9th and Colorado.  After detailing some site history Barnes-Gelt identifies three options for moving forward. One of these […]

  • Cordoba Historic Center (Wikipedia)

    Archaeology and the Intercultural City

    Last June’s Venice Seminar frequently prompted me to think about what the “deep time” perspectives of evolutionary psychology and archaeology can contribute to the conversation about intercultural place-making.  I’ve argued that Evolutionary Psychology might direct us to some cross-cultural common […]

  • Image Issues at 9th and Colorado

    Image Issues at 9th and Colorado

    “The world’s largest retailer has an image problem.” So begins the latest, front page Denver Post story about the Walmart brouhaha at 9th and Colorado. I’m afraid it’s not only Walmart that has an image problem if the quality and tone of […]

  • Water Supply and Land Use Focus Group, REI Denver

    Can Colorado’s Water Supply Sustain Urban Growth?

    This is one of the big questions at issue in the Intercultural Urbanism blog posts archived under Water and the City.  It’s also the question I brought to a half-day focus group about water supply and land use held in […]

  • Denver Planning Board Meeting, 1 August 2012 (D. Saitta)

    Are “One Percenters” Shaping the Public Debate about 9th and Colorado?

    We’ve been writing a lot about 9th and Colorado lately. Consequently, the Denver website This Could Be Interesting suggests that We Might Be Obsessed.  The number of 9th and Colorado posts at Intercultural Urbanism currently amounts to just under 20% of the total. […]

  • Walmart Hypocrisy and Urban Vibrancy

    Walmart Hypocrisy and Urban Vibrancy

    Just this morning I discovered a nice opinion piece in The Denver Business Journal  about the 9th and Colorado Walmart debate.  It’s by Brad Segal, president of Progressive Urban Management Associates in Denver. The piece is a breath of fresh air to […]