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  • Modified design, left and Calatrava original, right (The Denver Post)

    When Urban “Branding” Amounts to Less Rather than More

    Ten days ago The Denver Post contained a story by Ray Mark Rinaldi reporting on the modified plan for a new hotel and transit hub at Denver International  Airport  that has taken shape in the wake of the airport’s breakup with Spanish […]

  • 9th and Colorado Design Guidelines and the Question of “Feel”

    9th and Colorado Design Guidelines and the Question of “Feel”

    The first 2012 meeting of the Colorado Boulevard Healthcare District Board on January 5 was dedicated to preliminary discussion of the design guidelines for the site. There was an informative presentation by the consulting architect (SEM) and a senior city […]

  • What’s in a Name?

    What’s in a Name?

    The new year has brought a new name to the New Urban Network website and the print newsletter New Urban News.  They’re now called Better! Cities & Towns (hereafter, BCT).  In announcing the changes editor Robert Steuteville noted that the […]

  • The Greatest Grid

    The Greatest Grid

    At least that’s what the Museum of the City of New York proclaims in the title of a new exhibition about the 1811 Manhattan street plan that’s currently celebrating its 200th birthday.  It’s a bold claim, given the grid’s great […]