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  • Ludlow Tent Colony

    George McGovern and Colorado’s “Tent City” on the Prairie

    The many obituaries of the American politician George McGovern published in the aftermath of his death last Sunday mention that he earned a PhD in History from Northwestern University. But other than that they offer precious few details about George McGovern’s life […]

  • Who Won the Walmart War at 9th and Colorado?

    Who Won the Walmart War at 9th and Colorado?

    As reported in The Denver Post and the The Denver Business Journal, Walmart has pulled out of the development at 9th and Colorado.  Neighbors have declared victory, as captured in this statement from the Anti-Walmarteers at Do It Right at 9th: […]

  • Crowd at the Birthday Party, Skyline Park (D. Saitta)

    The 16th at 30

    Denver’s mile-long 16th Street Mall celebrated its 30th birthday this week. The Mall is Denver’s #1 tourist attraction, generating almost 50,000 free shuttle rides per day and millions of dollars in revenue for the city.  Guest speakers at the party […]

  • Mayor Hancock Addressing the Community Assembly (D. Saitta)

    Denver’s Mayor and His Cabinet Come to Community

    Last Saturday Denver Mayor Michael Hancock held his third and final 2012 Cabinet in the Community event at the Montclair Recreation Center in East Denver.  It featured presentations about the 2013 city budget by Chief Financial Officer Cary Kennedy, an update […]