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  • Development Possibilities for 9th and Colorado (Westword)

    Housing the Homeless at 9th and Colorado?

    While doing a Patricia Calhoun check this morning I came across her post-mortem on the Walmart War at 9th and Colorado entitled “With Walmart Out of the Way, What Should Fill the CU Healthcare District?”  Patricia has some tongue-in-cheek suggestions, including one […]

  • Density of the Creative Class Across US Metros

    Questioning Creative Placemaking

    Placemaking talk is everywhere these days.  So too is “creative class” talk.  Richard Florida—formulator of the creative class concept—combines them in a recent essay for Urban Land.  Many people are on board with the notion that quality of place has […]

  • Civic Center Park and Surrounding Buildings

    Revisiting–and Reconditioning–Civic Center Park

    The news came in late last week: Denver’s Civic Center Park has been added to the list of National Historic Landmarks (NHL). It joins 22 other NHL sites in Colorado, of which the Ludlow Tent Colony is the closest to my […]