• Celebrating ‘City of Quartz’

    Celebrating ‘City of Quartz’

    It was good to notice that Mike Davis’s classic book has just been written up by Los Angeles Times architecture critic Christopher Hawthorne as part of his “Reading LA” series. In fact Hawthorne identifies Quartz as one of the three […]

  • People or Place in Urban Planning?

    People or Place in Urban Planning?

    In his deservedly well-reviewed book Triumph of the City the Harvard economist Edward Glaeser unambiguously opts for people as the key element that determines a city’s success.  He argues that a place-centered approach to urban planning—that is, one informed by […]

  • Researching Urban Hydro-Sustainability

    Researching Urban Hydro-Sustainability

    I’m fortunate to be part of a transdisciplinary research collaborative that’s just received a $10,000 Institute for Enterprise Ethics grant from the University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business for a project entitled “Front Range Urbanism and Hydro-Sustainability.”  It has long […]

  • Interdisciplinarity in Urban Studies

    Interdisciplinarity in Urban Studies

    Urban Studies is generally recognized as a textbook example of an interdisciplinary field of inquiry.  Contributors look to synthesize observations and insights from multiple disciplines including anthropology, geography, history, sociology and many others.  Such integrative work has the potential to […]

  • (Affordable) Housing and Urban Development

    (Affordable) Housing and Urban Development

    (A version of the following appeared in today’s Denver Post, co-authored with Kyle Cascioli). In Colorado many of us think about access to affordable housing as a problem for resort workers in mountain towns.  Although it is a peculiarity of […]

  • The University and The City

    The University and The City

    The University of Denver promises, in its vision statement, to be “a great private university dedicated to the public good.”  In 2006 a campus conference about the university’s relationship to the city provided an opportunity to explore ways that DU can partner […]

  • Introducing 9th and Colorado

    Introducing 9th and Colorado

    One of the more interesting urban infill projects taking shape in Denver is the redevelopment of the old University of Colorado Health Sciences Center campus at 9th Avenue and Colorado Boulevard.  The best reporting on this project and its history […]

  • Evolution’s City

    Evolution’s City

    The June 9 issue of the journal Nature (volume 474:146-149) has an interesting article about the work that evolutionary biologist David Sloan Wilson is doing in Binghamton NY to improve life in that blighted city (the home of Binghamton University, Wilson’s […]

  • Land Tax Reform and Urban Growth

    (A version of the following appeared in the Pueblo Chieftain, co-authored with Kyle Cascioli, June 19, 2011). Colorado Governor Hickenlooper recently signed into law House Bill 1146 rolling back the state’s favorable agricultural property tax rates for landowners who do […]

  • Agricultural Zoning and Urban Sustainability

    Agricultural Zoning and Urban Sustainability

    (A version of the following appeared in The Fort Collins Coloradoan, co-authored with Kyle Cascioli and Ron Throupe, April 9, 2011) It is sometimes said that the last crop to come out of dedicated farmland is a subdivision.  The Denver Post […]

  • Housing Colorado’s Homeless

    Housing Colorado’s Homeless

    (The following appeared in The Boulder Daily Camera, co-authored with Kyle Cascioli, February 27, 2011). Governor John Hickenlooper has long been an advocate for Colorado’s homeless.  As mayor of Denver Hickenlooper’s 2010 budget increased the amount that the city spent […]

  • Culturing Community in Urban Design

    Culturing Community in Urban Design

    (A version of the following appeared in The Denver Post, co-authored with Kyle Cascioli, February 7, 2011). Former mayor Federico Peña once implored Denverites to “Imagine a Great City.”  The Denver Post is regularly filled with opinions about how we might […]