• Food Trucks in Civic Center Park (D. Saitta)

    Whither Civic Center Park, Denver?

    Denver’s Civic Center Park is one of America’s best preserved legacies of the early 20th century City Beautiful movement.  Opened in 1919, the park has had its ups and downs over the years.  In the last decade over $15 million […]

  • Rise Into Ruin, 10 West 49th Street at North Broadway (D. Saitta)

    Draft Urbanism: Art in the Cityscape

    In a previous post I evaluated the architectural installations of Denver’s Biennial of the Americas exhibition of Draft Urbanism.  In this post I examine the billboard art.  More than 30 artists, poets, and philosophers contributed pieces covering a 10 square […]

  • Draft Urbanism: Architecture in Public Spaces

    Draft Urbanism: Architecture in Public Spaces

    “Draft Urbanism” is the exhibition theme of Denver’s 2013  Biennial of the Americas celebration.  The Biennial is an “international festival of ideas, art, and culture” that provides an opportunity for leaders in business, government, philanthropy, and the arts to examine […]

  • LoDo Patio (Karl Gehring, The Denver Post)

    The Flip-Side of Urban Vibrancy, Or, What Millennials Do After Hours

    The Denver Post has the story of a typical after-hours Saturday night in Lower Downtown Denver, and it’s not pretty.   In 2010 “LoDo” was  identified by the American Planning Association as one of America’s Great Places in the “Neighborhood” category.  […]

  • Is “Back-To-The-City” the New “White Flight”?

    Is “Back-To-The-City” the New “White Flight”?

    It’s a great question, posed by Richey Piiparinen in a post on his blog and re-posted to New Geography.  The question is prompted by Thomas B. Fordham Institute data showing that white folks are leading the human migration from suburbs […]

  • IRISE Rising

    IRISE Rising

    In previous posts I’ve addressed my university’s interest in building partnerships with the city of Denver and some of the barriers that impede interdisciplinary teaching and research on campus. The prospects for better partnerships and interdisciplinary work on a host […]

  • Denver: An Archaeological and Contemporary History

    Denver: An Archaeological and Contemporary History

    Yesterday I had the honor of speaking in the University of Denver’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute’s (OLLI) Summer Seminar series. I’ve spoken to this engaged and perceptive group of adult learners before, on topics having to do with human evolution. […]

  • Imagining a Better Block: Five Points, Denver

    Imagining a Better Block: Five Points, Denver

    A week ago the Better Block project came to the Five Points neighborhood in Denver. Five Points is one of the city’s oldest and most colorful areas—both literally and figuratively. Five Points is a historically black neighborhood.  With a vibrant […]

  • Denver Urbanisms, Big and Small

    Denver Urbanisms, Big and Small

    The big stuff is covered by a recent article in the journal Cities by geographers Keith Ratner of Salem State University and Andy Goetz of the University of Denver.  Ratner and Goetz provide a comprehensive look at transit oriented development […]

  • A Meditation on Universities, Interdisciplinary Teaching, and Sustainability Studies

    A Meditation on Universities, Interdisciplinary Teaching, and Sustainability Studies

    Like many institutions of higher learning, the University of Denver is committing resources to greening our campus and encouraging teaching and research on sustainability. We have a Sustainability Council, a Sustainability Minor, and a nascent Center for Sustainability. Because of my […]

  • Civic Center Park and Surrounding Buildings

    Revisiting–and Reconditioning–Civic Center Park

    The news came in late last week: Denver’s Civic Center Park has been added to the list of National Historic Landmarks (NHL). It joins 22 other NHL sites in Colorado, of which the Ludlow Tent Colony is the closest to my […]

  • Crowd at the Birthday Party, Skyline Park (D. Saitta)

    The 16th at 30

    Denver’s mile-long 16th Street Mall celebrated its 30th birthday this week. The Mall is Denver’s #1 tourist attraction, generating almost 50,000 free shuttle rides per day and millions of dollars in revenue for the city.  Guest speakers at the party […]