A Vision for Urban Anthropology


It has become commonplace to view cities as cultural artifacts that reflect and reproduce human relationships, values, and aspirations. Intercultural Urbanism is an interdisciplinary approach to urban design and planning that takes stock of the cultural values that shape how ethnically diverse groups of citizens create, use, and respond to the urban built environment. The formulation is inspired by the work of Phil Wood and Charles Landry on the Intercultural City, Ash Amin on the Good City, Leonie Sandercock on Cosmopolis, Margaret Crawford on Everyday Urbanism, and many others.   It draws on lessons learned in a course I teach at the University of Denver, and conversations I’ve had with colleagues participating in an international curriculum grant on Global Cities/Global Citizenship.  It aims at building a more inclusive, viable, and sustainable city. My hope is that the discussion hosted here will contribute to, and help advance this rich and vibrant way of thinking about the city.


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